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Phone Scams & Texts

Phone Scams & Texts

To all Northants Neighbourhood / Alert Members

Phone Scams/Texts

This is a potential scam reported by a member

"Received a call on 10/02/21 from 0800 281801 , from a guy called Adim saying his Building Society wanted to talk to him about important correspondence, wanted to take him through security ,he refused and they asked him to call them back on 0800 5453004, He called nationwide through a number he had , and they confirmed that they had not tried to contacted him.

Received a text at 10.23 on 11/02/21 , their wife had the same text with a reference no 4276550 saying they have tried contacting him.
At 10:25 on 11/02/21 this guy called Adim called again with the same story, and the call back number. 0800 5453004"

The incoming telephone number and text looked realistic. The text had an air of legitimacy which had been made to look like it had come from his Building Society, appearing within the message trail of other building society messages which he had received previously

Thankfully the member did not fall for this scam, because he knew his Building Society would not call him and ask him to give security details.

Protect Yourself – What can you do ?
DON'T give your personal details to any person that calls you saying that they are your provider or Bank and want to take you through security. HANG UP
DON'T use the call back number they give you - Use a number that you know, on your card/statement.
MAKE sure the call from the incoming caller is fully disconnected, before you make any further outgoing calls, if not wait at least 10 minutes or until it has.
SPEAK to you providers contact centre or visit a local branch and tell them what has happened.
REPORT the incident to ACTION FRAUD - https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/reporting-fraud-and-cyber-crime

TRUST YOUR INSTINCT if it does not feel right it probably is not .

Please see that attached little book of big scams

For more information on how to protect yourself
Neighbourhood Watch https://www.ourwatch.org.uk/telephone-scams
Action Fraud https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/

Stay Safe

Posted: Fri, 12 Feb 2021 12:18 by Hanneke Soans

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